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Seamless Global Connections

Through our strategic partnership with CWT Globelink Group, Singapore, Globelink West Star ensures seamless integration between the Middle East and worldwide regions. Our strategically located offices in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, complemented by an expansive presence of over 130 offices across 30+ countries, stand testament to our commitment to offering comprehensive freight and logistics solutions. Our core purpose is to foster effortless trade movements, address diverse logistical challenges, and introduce forward-thinking solutions for businesses spanning various regions. Place your trust in Globelink West Star Shipping for unmatched logistics services, no matter where your business aspirations lead you.

Powerful Middle East Presence: Navigating Growth Opportunities

Globelink West Star Shipping boasts a robust and influential presence in Kuwait (established in 2009), Qatar (established in 2012), and Saudi Arabia (established in 2018). These oil-rich nations, coupled with Qatar's significant natural gas reserves, have witnessed remarkable consumption growth, providing a strong impetus, particularly for import services. Furthermore, the Middle East region is witnessing an upswing in high-value infrastructure projects and economic diversification across various industries. These promising developments open vast opportunities for logistics and freight forwarding businesses. With our strategic foothold in these key markets, Globelink West Star Shipping is well-positioned to navigate and capitalize on the exciting growth prospects in the Middle East, delivering seamless solutions to our valued clients.
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17th Floor, Al-Khaleej Tower,
Abu Bakr Street, Al-Qibla/Salhiya, Kuwait
Tel: +965 22243818, Fax: +965 22243819


2nd floor, Red Tag Building, Opp. Qatar Airways, Doha International Airport Road, PO Box 35233, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44139333,Fax:+974 44139330


Suit 105, Dan Center,
Hail Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 ;12 ;6444220


Suit 7, Zain Tower, Near Chamber of Commerce Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel:+966 11 2911992


Suite 115, Almahamal Commercial, Tower,
Near Lulu Hyper Market, Dammam,
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 13 8420002